On the Plenary Stage

The AWP Conference 2019: London plenary program is being conceived and developed by the conference organizer in collaboration with a subject matter expert advisory board representing leading organizations from the owner, EPC, engineering, constructor, technology and implementation support communities, as well as industry associations and researchers.

We are pleased to present you with a plenary program that will cover a broad range of topics relevant to AWP in the modern construction industry, with takeaways that you can use.


Day One


Day One Chair:

Iain Miskimmin
Digital Asset Advisor and Director of the London BIM Academy

Iain Miskimmin is a Digital Asset Advisor and Director of the London BIM Academy on behalf of Bentley Institute’s Digital Advancement Academies for Bentley Systems. Iain has spent the better part of two decades working in support of the infrastructure and construction industries, helping to deliver the first BIM projects in the UK.

Since 2012 he has run the Crossrail Information Management Academy in London, allowing him to interact with over 5,000 industry professionals from all over the world. He has captured their thoughts and experiences with BIM, including from some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world. He has worked closely with the UK BIM Task Group, UK BIM Alliance and leads the Infrastructure Asset Data Dictionary for the UK (IADD4UK) initiative. Iain also chairs the UK’s centre of excellence for innovation in construction, called COMIT, and is part of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car team.

Conference Kickoff

Day One • 9:00 AM

AWP Conference organizers, Advisory Board chair and Day Chairs kick off this year’s AWP Conference: London.

Achieving 21st Century Project Outcomes using AWP

An INDUSTRY STAKEHOLDERS’ panel discussion

Day One • 9:30 AM

Facilitated by the Construction Industry Institute (CII), this panel includes senior managers from Shell, Jacobs/WorleyParsons and BrandSafway representing the project owner, EPC and specialty contractor. They will discuss why they believe AWP leads to safer, more effective and efficient projects. The benefits of AWP have been documented but the panel also discuss the journey associated with implementing AWP. Learn about industry leaders’ expectations with regards to construction project outcomes. The focus will be on how to better plan and execute safer, more effective projects.


  • Michael Pappas, Associate Director, Construction Industry Institute (CII) (Facilitator)

  • Martin Swaine, 4D/5D Global Delivery Manager, Shell UK

  • Antonio Romero-Monteiro, VP of Project Delivery, Construction, Maintennace & Turnarounds, Worley

  • Rick Dunlap, VP Technical Services, BrandSafway


An AWP Primer

The Principles of Advanced Work Packaging

Day One • 10:30 AM

AWP explained. What is AWP? When does it start and when does it end? Hear veterans of AWP implementations share information and provide real-world examples while providing a grounded presentation on AWP. Insight-AWP will provide an overview of Advanced Work Packaging based on work with their corporate clients.


  • Geoff Ryan, AWP Specialist, Insight-AWP

  • Corey Dinkle, Director Project Controls, Performance Contractors, USA

  • JC Chavrier, Efficient Engineering SME, Shell Netherlands

  • Anthony Haggarty, Construction WFP Manager, Canada (Insight-AWP)

  • Gregorio Labbozzetta, Information Manager, Italy (Insight-AWP)


Scalable Advanced Work Packaging

Applying Advanced Work Packaging Principles to Smaller Projects

Day One • 12:00 PM

Following over two years of research by over 40 industry professionals, The Scalable AWP Model has been released and all in attendance at the AWP Conference will receive digital copies of the ground-breaking work, which includes documentation, guidance and tools. In this session, AWP practitioners will share their efforts to scale and apply AWP to smaller projects.


  • Lloyd Rankin, AWP Scalability Committee Chair, Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA)

  • Chuck Mies, Senior Manager, Business Development, Autodesk

  • Connie McLaughlin, Operations Manager, U.S. Construction, KBR


Keynote Presentation: Creating Total Value

Disruptive Technologies Changing ASSET DESIGN AND DELIVERY

Jaimie Johnston; Director, Head of Global Systems; Bryden Wood

Day One • 4:30 PM


The tools that are available for the design of our buildings and infrastructure are becoming increasingly sophisticated and data-driven. The use of algorithmic simulation, machine learning and generative design not only vastly accelerates the traditional design process but opens new ways of working by increasing the ‘search area’ for ideas and generating far more possible solutions. This will have significant long-term impacts on clients and designers, placing far more emphasis on problem statements, developing ideas and outcomes, and less on deliverables and documents.

This shift is happening as the manufacturing and construction converge. ‘Manufacture and assembly’, not ‘construction’, will tackle the endemic issues our industry faces. For over 2 decades, Bryden Wood have been developing a highly sophisticated design and delivery methodologies for clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Heathrow Airport and many UK Government departments. Learn more about the disruptive technologies and techniques that are changing asset design and delivery in this special keynote presentation.

Day Two


Day Two Chair:

Barry Gleeson BSc Arch.  MSc Surv. RICS
Strategic Lead for BIM at Wood Environmental and Infrastructure Services UK

He is accountable for implementing the IM, BIM, Asset Management and Digital Strategies developed at Wood, across all Operational Businesses Units in E&IS, and representing them strategically as part of their Global BIM community and Digital Strategy development.

Prior to joining Wood, Barry worked as the Programme Manager for BIM for Network Rail’s Infrastructure Projects Southern Region. He was responsible for the roll out of BIM on Major Projects such as Crossrail 2, Waterloo Station Upgrade and the Brighton Mainline upgrade. He was also the business requirements lead for Network Rails BIM Change Programme, which included defining the business case, implementation plan and risks, and the people and process change needs. Barry chaired Network Rails BIM Discipline Review Group, set up to coordinate the talent pool across the business. During this time, he was also NR’s representative on the UK Government BIM Level 2 Digital Transformation Working Group and the Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy (TIES) Digital Challenge Working Group.

He currently support’s the RICS Mapping Panel, a BSi Standards Update Working Group, and is Vice Chair of Survey4BIM and Chair of the BIM4Rail industry forums.

Day Two Kickoff

Day Two • 9:00 AM

AWP Conference organizers and our day chair kick off day two of the AWP Conference: London.

Construction’s Digital Transformation

Where are we headed?

Day Two • 9:30 AM

AWP Conference 2019 day chairs Iain Miskimmin and Barry Gleeson will present a session on the current state of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and digitisation initiatives in the UK. There will be a special focus on the technology provider, with discussion of the likely impacts on IT support for construction projects. This session will be facilitated by Jaimie Johnston of Bryden Wood.


  • Jaimie Johnston, Director and Head of Global Systems, Bryden Wood (Facilitator)

  • Iain Miskimmin, Chair of the UK Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Construction with COMIT Projects and Digital Asset Advisor and Director for Bentley Systems’ Digital Advancement Academies

  • Barry Gleeson, BIM Technical Director for Wood and Chair of BIM4Rail Industry Forums

Bentley Digital Advancement Academy.png

AWP Data and Metrics

Using Data and Metrics to Track AWP Project Lifecycle Performance

Day Two • 2:00 PM

How can you use data to optimize and automate Advanced Work Packaging? Three different organizations will discuss how data can improve your AWP program. Topics will include creating a Virtual Mission Control Room with AWP dashboards, reimagining standard project management reports based on AWP best practices, correlating Hands on Tool Time with AWP outcomes, and using the AWP framework to provide leading vs. lagging indicators on project performance. Facilitated by conference organizer and AWP implementation support expert Group ASI, Inc.


  • Martin Swaine, 4D/5D Global Delivery Manager, Shell UK

  • Stuart Block, AWP Manager, Farnborough, Fluor

  • Josh Girvin, CEO, O3 Solutions

  • Lloyd Rankin, Senior AWP Consultant, Group ASI Inc. (Facilitator)


Transforming Infrastructure Performance

smarter infrastructure

Day Two • 3:00 PM

In this special presentation and Q&A session presented by Alex Lubbock of the Infrastructure Project Authority (IPA), you will learn how smarter infrastructure enabled by digital technologies and manufacturing processes can deliver value for money and whole life performance.

Featuring: Alex Lubbock, Head of Digital Construction, Manufacturing and Technology Lead, Infrastructure and Projects Authority

IPA Logo.png

Global Adoption of AWP

Applying Advanced Work Packaging to Projects Around the World

Day Two • 4:30 PM

Now that AWP is an established best practice, organizations are implementing the approach globally. While the principles of AWP don't change (the what), the practices must change (the how) depending on the organization or project location. Contract strategy, laws, cultural norms, standard business processes and more need to be considered. In this thought leadership session, challenges will be identified and discussion initiated.


  • Michael Pappas, Associate Director, Construction Industry Institute (CII) (Facilitator)

  • Jamie Gerbrecht, Construction Global Technology Sponsor, ExxonMobil

  • Silvana Lara, AWP Global Director, Fluor

  • Jacek Morawski, SVP Digital and Technology (Americas), Wood

  • Maurizio Granata, Director EMIA, Hexagon PPM

  • Fernando Espana, President, Construct-X